Posted June 26, 2011

Get Well Gamers Organization

PSP would like to spread the word about The Get Well Gamers Foundation across social networks and friends in order to support this good cause. Get Well Gamers Foundation PSP interviews Ryan Sharpe, the President of the Get Well Gamers Foundation June 26, 2011 "Get Well Gamers Foundation provides video gaming fun to childrens' hospitals" By Patrick Scott Patterson of Arcade Game Examiner. link [QUOTES FROM Patrick Scott Patterson STORY] The Get-Well Gamers Foundation, founded in 2001, provides video game consoles and gaming entertainment to children's hospitals across North America. . . . Consoles and games donated to the Foundation are refurbished and donated to these children to help entertain them during the often difficult challenges they face. . . . Ryan Sharpe, the President of the Get Well Gamers Foundation states how his charity organization began: . . . "The origins of the Foundation trace back to my own experiences as a child, being hospitalized multiple times with respiratory illnesses broken bones, and so on." . . . "Between the regularly-scheduled morning and after-school cartoons there was virtually nothing to take my mind off of my ailments. The big change came in the mid-eighties, when my usualy hospital put in a pair of arcade cabinets in the employee break room down the hall from my usual room. I would walk my IV stand down there and play Donkey Kong Junior for hours, huge swaths of boring, dreary hospital time vanishing in the blink of an eye." . . . "In 2001, when I was finally in college and on my own, I was reminded of my experiences by a friend and resolved to make sure every hospital had the advantages I had in alleviating their boredom and having access to such a great pain management tool." . . . "The foundation currently services over 160 facilities in North America, with at least one hospital in every US state and several Canadian provinces." . . . "We're finally seeing hard science backing up what gamers have known for years: that video games have an enormous ability to help people cope with pain and illness by providing so much cognitive stimulation the pain centers of the brain are actually de-prioritized during play." . . . The Foundation's staff and volunteers have made do over the past decade with working out of our garages and donating their free time, but we're beginning to strain . . . "The Foundation's never had much of a marketing budget, but the power of the internet is that anyone can spread the word as easily as going on Twitter or Reddit or Tumblr or Facebook or any other social networking site and telling your friends about the Foundation.' . . . "We've had crates of titles come in from major publishers, and we've had single games mailed to us in envelopes, and none of it would have happened if the donors hadn't heard about what we're doing for hospitalized children, so every little bit helps." . . . "Everyone that spreads the word. I think anyone can be a Get-Well Gamer so long as they simply care and try to do something to help, and in that sense Get-Well Gamers is a publicly-supported foundation because the public is made of Get-Well Gamers, in every state and every city, willing and wanting to turn their hobby into a force for good in the world." [END QUOTES] See "Get Well Gamers Foundation provides video gaming fun to childrens' hospitals" By Patrick Scott Patterson of Arcade Game Examiner Story link link

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