Posted: July 10, 2010
International Video Game Hall of Fame
Below Post From: (IVGHOF) International Video Game Hall of Fame = Big Bang - Ottumwa, Iowa Paul Dean PAUL DEAN – CHAMPION OF THE ARCADE AGE As the IVGHOF moves forward, taking on the immense responsibility of annually recognizing and honoring the luminaries of the video game age, it has chosen a theme for this first year – a theme that “Celebrates the History of Competitive Gaming.” And, upon examining the historical legacy of competitive video gaming, it is clear that the champions of the “arcade age” were the industry’s first athletes, as well as its first media celebrities who gave a voice and a face to this new form of entertainment. In addition to honoring the gifted visionaries who created the gaming technology and launched the business side of the industry, we wish to also pay tribute to the immense contribution made by the Arcade Champions of the past. So, the IVGHOF dedicates this first class of inductees –The Class of 2010 - to those arcade champions who gave competitive gaming its first breath of life. Among those arcade legends being honored in the Class of 2010 is Paul Dean, born October 1, 1964 in San Jose, CA. Now living in Riverside, California, Mr. Dean set the world record on Spy Hunter on June 28, 1985 with 9,512,590 points achieved in 12 hours of play. Mr. Dean also achieved a world record of 4,874,931 points on Frenzy when he played non-stop for 41.15 hours on December 2-4, 2005 in Humble, Texas. Mr. Dean earned an A.A. Degree in Associates of Science Degree in Information Management from Riverside Community College and a B.A. in Sociology from California State University - San Bernardino. Also, he completed and passed the CBEST, a teaching exam. Mr.Dean successfully competed in the Asteroids Silco West Vending & 7-Eleven Southland State Championships. At age 16, he marathoned Asteroids for 12 hours and was selected as a finalist for the Silco West State Championships. He received the Silco West 7-Eleven Finalist Belt Buckle in 1981, finishing the marathon in the top 20 scores. Mr. Dean entered the Twin Galaxies Third Annual Video Game Masters Tournament at Huish Family Fun Center while attending Riverside Community College in 1985. He achieved a score of 9,512,590 in Spy Hunter on June 28, 1985 which earned him the world record which was published in 1986. His second world record was accomplished at the event called Legends of the Golden Age, A Tribal Gathering of Superstars of the 1980's. He reached his record score of 4,874,931 in the game of Frenzy by playing from December 2, 2005 till December 4, 2005 for 41.15 hours. Although Paul is known for his world record scores for arcade games, one of his favorite hobbies is playing pinball machines. In fact, not only is he enrolled in two local pinball leagues at home, he is ranked #759 in the world for the World Pinball Players Rankings. Paul supports numerous local gaming events as well as classic gaming events, going so far as to even begin his own event: California Extreme, a one day only annual coin operated video game high score contest that has been held since it's beginning in 2006.
International Video Game Hall of Fame (Billy Mitchell and Steve Sanders - 2009) IVGHOF Inductees: The International Video Game Hall of Fame is proud to announce several of it's "Class of 2010" inductees. Eric Akeson, Turbo Pac-Man Champion Kevin Bachus, X-Box Design Team Ralph Baer, Historic Industry Pioneer Rob Barrett, Tutankham Champion Otto Berkes, X-Box Design Team Seamus Blackley, X-Box Design Team Nolan Bushnell, Historic Industry Pioneer Brian Cady, Tempest Champion Paul Dean, Spy Hunter Champion Ben Falls, Moon Patrol Champion Dennis “Thresh” Fong, Legendary PC Gaming Champion Ben Gold, Legendary Arcade Champion Ike Hall, Past Donkey Kong World Champion Ted Hase, X-Box Design Team Ken House, Dig Dug Champion Andrew Laidlaw, Galaga Champion Chris Mansfield, Kicker Champion John McAllister, Asteroids Deluxe Champion Billy Mitchell, Legendary Arcade Champion Shigeru Miyamoto, Creator of Donkey Kong Masaya Nakamura, NAMCO Founder Steve Ritchie, Legendary Game Designer Perry Rodgers, Mario Brothers Champion Todd Rogers, Legendary Arcade Champion Scott Safran, Asteroids Champion Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel, Legendary PC Gaming Champion Steve Wiebe, Donkey Kong, Jr. Champion Phil Younger, Berzerk Champion Pac-Man - Classic Arcade Game Come and be a part of history with the first-ever induction ceremony for Video Games and Gamers! International Video Game Hall of Fame Ottumwa, Iowa Ottumwa, August 5-8, 2010 Greetings, The Citizens of Ottumwa would like to invite you to attend the forthcoming Inaugural Ceremonies for the International Video Game Hall of Fame & Museum, scheduled for Saturday night, August 7, 2010, at the Bridge View Ctr. in Ottumwa, Iowa. Please come and help the City of Ottumwa create a wonderful “Mecca” for the video game world. The Citizens of Ottumwa plan on making the IVGHOF become the video game industry’s equivalent to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. The IVGHOF & Museum has applied for 501c3 Not-for-Profit status with the IRS and will soon be qualified to receive tax exempt donations. Plus, the IVGHOF Ceremonies are the highlight of an even bigger event. Ottumwa will be hosting a four-day gaming festival, August 5-8, 2010, and the IVGHOF Ceremonies are only one of the fun activities planned for the weekend-long celebration. The festival will include contests, concerts, movies, dealer showrooms and celebrity guests with more to be added. Donations of Memorabilia welcome The Citizens of Ottumwa are also hoping you may consider donating some video game memorabilia to the Museum wing of the IVGHOF. At this forthcoming August event, there will be a significant historical display of artifacts from gaming history that has been created through donated items received from gamers like you. There is no better place to see your gaming memorabilia preserved for posterity than in the archives maintained by the IVGHOF & Museum. If you are interested in contributing something to the Museum wing of the IVGHOF, you can address your inquiries to this department: Museum Curator c/o International Video Game Hall of Fame & Museum 217 East Main Street P.O. Box 308 Ottumwa, Iowa 52501 Or call the Ottumwa Chamber of Commerce at (641) 682-3465. Dealer tables Available, too A limited number of dealer tables will be available for merchants who would like to set up shop at the event. Contact the Chamber of Commerce for further details. Hope to see you in August. Warmest regards, Walter Day Volunteer IVGHOF Steering Committee

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Paul Dean,, Spy Hunter Champion, June 28, 1985

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Thank you,
Paul Dean,, Spy Hunter Champion, June 28, 1985

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